Author Topic: P2111, P2119 may be caused by throttle bodies not seated  (Read 2700 times)

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Re: P2111, P2119 may be caused by throttle bodies not seated
Reply #10 on: April 05, 2016, 10:15:02 PM
The starting problem showed up on mine after I did a thread repair for one of the six bolts that hold the valve cover down. On most bikes I would have just removed the head and taken it in to the shop for them to do, since it's usually a cheap job and I didn't have the tools. However I looked in to what would be needed to lift the head, and decided that there was no way I wanted to go that route. I ended up fitting a Timesert in situ. As it was under a frame rail with only 2" of clearance, I had to hold the drill bit, tap, countersink and fitting tool all in a tap holder - in the case of the tap, I could only turn it 45° at a time before re-fitting the handle. While a Timesert is much better than a Helicoil, the main reason I used one was because there was no way I could get Helicoil tools in there. Fortunately all went well, but it was one of the hardest jobs I've done.

In complete contrast, my Hinckley Bonnie also had a starting problem (of course - it knows I don't have a car). Fitting a new coil took five minutes. Pull the catch for the seat (there's a guy on eBay sells them - you have to unbolt the seat as standard). Pull the petrol hose and undo two tank bolts. Lift off tank <drum-roll> without draining! Swap the coil and bolt back together. Even doing the valves is a doddle because the cams are gear driven - you just unbolt the cam caps and lift out the cams without disturbing the cam chain. Trouble is, I do about ten times as many miles in a year on the TEX.
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Re: P2111, P2119 may be caused by throttle bodies not seated
Reply #11 on: November 20, 2020, 07:25:16 PM
Hey All, I know this is an old thread but it looks exactly like the issues I'm having with my 2013 TEX.

It began a few days ago when it was hard to start. It turned over normally but would not start at all. After many, many start attempts, I finally got it to start by applying the throttle but now the engine Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) was illuminated. I used Dealertool to check fault codes and found the single code P2111 (Throttle Actuator Motor Stuck Open). I cleared the fault code and took it on a test ride around town to see if the fault would return. It behaved normally for the first 15 or 20 minutes of the ride then it began to stall when stopped at traffic lights. The engine would quit when it came to an idle but would quickly start and run. I was able to keep it running while standing at the red light by applying a little throttle. It died several other times while idling at other traffic lights but I was able to get it home.

The MIL light did not initially come back on during the test ride but the fault was listed when I ran the fault check on the Dealertool again. I checked the throttle balance while I had the Dealertool hooked up and it looked like the #3 Cylinder was the furthest out of sync. (Cylinder #1 - 75Kpa, #2 - 73Kpa, #3 -81Kpa). It continued to start normally, and, usually, on the first attempt  over the next day or two while I attempted to troubleshoot  and research the issue. I noticed that the MIL did reappear on the instrument cluster today.

After reading through the forums about this issue, I thought that I would complete the repair myself.  However,  after what I've learned, I do have some concerns about some of the work and wanted to get some advice here on the forum first.

I plan to first check the seating of the throttle bodies and the condition of the Transition Pieces (T1240446) or the "rubber bits" per the instructions on this thread. If they are unseated, I hope to be able to reseat them. If they are in poor condition, I can replace them for about $22.00 a piece.

If that doesn't seem to be the issue. I suspect the Throttle Position Sensor (T1249017) may need to be replaced. The sensor is available for $118.00. However, after reading the Service Manual (page 10.139), I am not sure if I can adjust this myself without the Triumph diagnostic tool. I don't think the Dealertool has the ADJUST/TUNE option required for this job... Does anybody know for sure? If not, is there another method to adjust the TPS or will I be required to bring it into the dealer to have the TPS replaced? Hate to tear it down just to have to reassemble to bring into the shop!

If it's not the TPS causing the problem, then I suspect the Ride-by-Wire motor is bad and I think that will be a show stopper. The replacement assembly cost around $2000! Can't see putting that much into this 2013 bike with 54,000 miles! I That'll likely be the end of my TEX as far as I can see! I only paid $7500 for the bike 3 years ago!

I've bought the electrical connector and fuel line extension to run the bike with the tank removed once I'm at the point I can balance the throttles.

Does my assessment of the issue seem accurate or not?  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated...


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Re: P2111, P2119 may be caused by throttle bodies not seated
Reply #12 on: November 21, 2020, 01:03:58 PM
If that doesn't seem to be the issue. I suspect the Throttle Position Sensor (T1249017) may need to be replaced. The sensor is available for $118.00.
  Sorry I cant answer your question but at least the TPS is available for the Triumph.  I had a Honda CBF1000 before my first TEX and the TPS is only sold with the throttle bodies !!!!  6 years ago that was £1800 + vat !!!!!! Good job we have scrap yards and recyclers who didn't know that (Although the Honda Civic car TPS was same unit at £45)
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