Author Topic: Bike clothing - what do you use?  (Read 18658 times)

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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #60 on: October 18, 2019, 11:14:35 PM
So I upgraded from the list below to Dane Torben 2 Gore-Tex Pro Jacket and Dane Jonte Gore-Tex Pro Jeans.

Helmet changed to Arai QV.

Forgot to mention the Held Spring/Autumn gloves in my last list.

Gave the Dainese boots to a friend and bought Sidi Armada to replace them.

Sold the Dainese perforated leather two piece but still have everything else though the waterproof over-suit doesn't get a lot of use (but is handy for those summer rides when I am not wearing the Goretex).

Cannot fault the Dane to date.  :028:

Oh, forgot to say I swapped out the knee armour on the Dane's to Forcefield Pro Tube X-V 2. Just like that they fit perfectly whether I have the thermal liner in the pants or not.

*Originally Posted by moggi1964 [+]
Having just moved back from the US where I needed hot gear and cold gear I have this selection:

Winter: Spidi Ergo Pro Expedition Suit with Powerlet heated jacket and glove liners and Rukka (I think) glove. Daytona Road Star Boots

Spring/Autumn: Above when necessary or Triumph Elvis jacket plus Held glove. Daytona Road Star or Dainese TRQ-Tour boots

Summer: Dainese Perforated Leather jacket and pants or Spidi Textile perforated Jacket and pants plus Held Summer glove. Dainese TRQ-Tour boots

Alpinestars waterproof 2 piece suit

Seems to have most everything covered  :156:

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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #61 on: November 12, 2019, 09:30:59 AM
Recently bit the bullet and upgraded to some Rukka Kalix Goretex Pro gear. It's a little stiff (ooo err) but I cannot fault the waterproofing! Hit some torrential downpours in France in August and I was bone dry. Also recently replaced my AlpineStars 365 Goretex gloves with a Richa pair and were only £50 and are brilliant.

Still rocking the Sidi ST Goretex boots but currently using the Shoei Neotec helmet which is great but steams up MEGA.


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #62 on: January 12, 2020, 04:52:38 AM
I do a lot of riding but to spend $1300 to $2K for a 2 piece or one piece suit is a bit to much for my taste. I had a Aerostich 2 piece a few years back costing $1200. Not worth it..... It looked like crap after 6 months and wasn't all that comfy. So now that I've put the boohoo on it, I just want to say find what you like. I have found that Olympia brand wear is nice fitting for me and my wife and seem to keep the color and they don't fray. The most I've spent on both jacket and pants are $600. We both wear Schuberth helmets because they feel nice and again don't look like crap in a year. Interesting to see Cycle gear is now selling a C3 version for around $400. Might look into one of those soon.


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #63 on: February 08, 2020, 04:55:55 AM
For me, the trick is to catch a discontinued model just as the new models are coming out. It allows me to buy better gear at a 40 to 50% discount.
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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #64 on: February 08, 2020, 05:43:28 AM
This is a good site for Australians.  Dunno about others.
They test jackets, pants and gloves for safety and comfort.  Funded by some state governments.
Adding items all the time at the rate of one a day.

With gloves, more money tends to mean more safety.  Not so with jackets and pants.


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #65 on: November 10, 2020, 10:51:35 PM
I have a Tiger Angel Guardian suit.
I got it of eBay for about half price who was pretty close to my dimensions
Sent it to the factory to have it altered to fit me perfectly.
New pair of Stylemartin boots arrived this morning.
Shoei J Cruise helmet.
Five gloves.


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #66 on: November 11, 2020, 04:58:51 PM
I have an RST Pro Jacket, they come in lots of designs and are very reasonably priced. They don't do my exact version anymore but the nearest equivalent is the RST Pro Adventure-X. These can be had for as little as €270. This jacket hasn't let me down in the worst of weather and I have had it four years now. I recently washed it in the washing machine and retreated it with NikWax, it came up like new. I can see this lasting a good few more years yet.


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #67 on: November 12, 2020, 11:26:44 AM
I have Rukka jacket,pants and gloves....they are by far the best I have used...I have  ridden for hours in the pouring rain and been perfectly dry  A-star boots on the other hand need to be replaced..they have leaked  since new


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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #68 on: November 14, 2020, 01:06:41 PM
Because of my location I used Mail Order and I bought a bunch of expensive RST kit (Trousers, Jacket & Boots) sadly I went by their Size Guide and only the boots fit (even they are a bit tight).  To late to return by the time it arrived.  Couldn't stretch to that again, so bought a 'Texpeed' Trousers and Jacket, at one third the price, been using for a few months now, its comfortable and warm, most importantly its dry in the rain [ ] .  Just wish I could find someone here to buy the RST Suit.
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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
Reply #69 on: November 19, 2020, 08:48:42 PM
I have to say over the last few years I've shunned the 'traditional' adventure style kit for more casual style gear. Bullit covec lined jeans, some Spada Pilgrim boots and a choice of Oxford jackets leather or textile depending on the weather or my mood. Waterproof overjacket/trousers live in the top box for when they are needed, along with a spare pair of gloves. Much more comfortable to walk around in, cooler (thermally and arguably aesthetically) and just as protective. If I leave my lid in the top box I often don't look like I arrived by bike !
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