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Re: 2018 tiger 1200 unbearable engine heat
« Reply #240 on: December 02, 2018, 10:23:52 PM »
*Originally Posted by Hawk281 [+]
I am amazed by some of the posts that their bike is not that hot. If I had not used a thermometer on the tank and seat, I would start to doubt myself and the complaints I have had about this bike. Its winter here, meaning that the temp is a cold 65 or 70, so it is easy to tolerate the tank and seat heat. But when it goes back to 90 or a 100, Ill start complaining again. I have 11000 miles on it in the last eight months and getting ready to pull the aircleaner and check the sync on the injectors. Maybe Ill get a mile or two more a gal, but I doubt it. :002:

I have three bikes. yes its the warmest, but oneness to ride the bike and enjoy or sell it

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Re: 2018 tiger 1200 unbearable engine heat
« Reply #241 on: December 02, 2018, 11:05:00 PM »
*Originally Posted by Hawk281 [+]
Thanks I know about the using the computer to check, but do you have to puul the tank to get to the adjustment screws? Sorry have not gotten around to getting a manual yet. :087:
Yes, but I have not had to do an adjustment as mine has been in spec all along. A note of caution: if you do have to adjust them, it is my understanding that you must use the center cylinder as the reference. I have not looked this up specifically, but I recall a posting a couple of years ago from someone who's TEX was royally screwed up because the service guys did not know this.

Doing the full 20K service with the valve timing did have a significant smoothing effect on my TEX.
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