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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #40 on: December 26, 2016, 12:57:18 PM »
Used Fieldsheer for many long distant trips, but bought the Bilt Explorer Jacket & Pants by Cycle Gear a year ago when also purchasing gear for our son.  Though budget minded gear, I am rather impressed with both the quality and fit.  Really heavy material, impressive double stictching, and it really does not pinch my skin anywhere during 2+ hour rides. 
I've been out in 27F weather and stay warm (I do have heated gloves and in-soles).  The only issue experienced is one of the two loops in the right lower leg for the inner-liner to hook onto broke, but with a five year warranty.  Cycle Gear assured they will replace with a new Explorer pant for up to five years.  Though a 3-season suit, I'd say it's a bit warm for them sweltering hot summer days.

Now, the Bilt Explorer gloves are poorer quality, but they are OK for warmer and dryer weather; and the Bilt Explorer helmet is noisy, and not nearly as comfortable as my Schuberth C3 helmet.

I use Gerbing heated gloves in the winter and a nice pair of Kangaroo skin gloves purchased from Deals Gap a few years back.

Boots include a pair of military spec work boot for around town or while teaching motorcycle safety, a pair of Triumph winter boot which houses the heated in-sole, and a dead pair of Joe Rocket boots which has Survived several repairs over the last decade.  However, I am looking at the TCX Drifter boot to replace them.

To win the Versace award, I've considered going for the Master Chief look from Halo.  Primarily because I like the tuff and rugged adventure look :).
However, I'm currently sporting a hi-viz yellow jacket and helmet for practical reasons.
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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #41 on: December 27, 2016, 11:01:26 AM »
It's strange but all my biking clothes have always been Richa, I just seem to like the style and they work.

Two piece leathers although I rarely wear the jacket now as the textile jackets are more comfy, practical, and have lots of pockets. I'll sometimes wear the leather trousers with a textile jacket in the summer.

I currently have three textile jackets and two trousers, as each one gets old it gets relegated to lesser duties. The oldest is now worn as a summer jacket without thermal lining, the second oldest is worn in really bad winter weather when it's likely to get covered in spray and road crap. The newest (my first one in grey rather than black) bought two months ago will be used for general use and touring.

The two textile bottoms are both in use, again used depending on condition, the oldest pair gets used if likely to get really messy. It's nine years old and only got relegated because I got a small tear in the bottom of one leg. With occasional waterproofing in the washing machine they remain waterproof as do the jackets.

The newest top and bottom are Richa Touareg (trousers are black as I don't like all grey outfits) and the jacket is extremely wam, the warmest I've had. It's an excellent fit, although I did have to get an XL rather than the usual L which did nothing for my ego.  :003: Heavyweight and pockets and large vents everywhere.

The trousers are also great although the thermal lining is too long and gets wet at the bottom so I've used tank tape to fold them up an inch so now no problem. The only time they've leaked is when I went out on a two hour trip in a terrific storm and forgot to put the waterproof liner in... Doh !!!   :230:

Boot are Alpinestars Web Gortex, extremely warm and waterproof although one seeped a bit in heavy constant rain. Giving them a coating of wax easily cured that and they are extremely comfy to wear and walk around in all day.

My main helmet is a Shoei Neotec flip front, second one is a Shoei XR1100 full face, and the reserve is a £35 full face from Lidl. (Extremely comfy when I've worn it).

Five pairs of gloves on the shelf. Best ones are again Richa, fleecy lined and extemely warm. Favourite summer gloves are from Aldi at £12, comfy and amazingly waterproof for vented mesh gloves.

Both one and two piece wayerproof oversuits but I find the two piece is a lot easier to get on and off.

That's the basics from me.  :002:
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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #42 on: December 27, 2016, 09:28:50 PM »
Blimey, I'd forgotten about this thread!

It's great to see additional posts and I've an update of my own...

Since selling my Alpinestars Andes suit I stuck with the leather jacket/Kevlar jeans option, with a Richa 2-piece waterproof over suit (Rain Warrior) for when it chucks it down. It's served me well over summer but I've some bigger trips in the pipeline for 2017/18 and always fancied a proper Gortex set, so when 'black Friday' came I managed to grab a bargain on a Klim Latitude suit.

I'm chuffed to bits with it and love the fact that its completely waterproof but has great venting straight through when it's warm; no waterproof/thermal liners to fanny about with. I can add as many or few layers as I want to keep warm or cool, knowing that whatever happens I'll stay dry without needing to stop and add w/proofs. I should've splashed out years ago.

I'm still using the Forma Adventure boots which are bloody brilliant, and the Arai Tour X4 lid, which I still find underwhelming but I'll stick with it until time & funds dictate a change. The only other thing I'm considering is a pair of heated gloves; even though I have a pair of decent Gortex (Dainese) gloves I find my fingers get seriously chilly on winter rides...

Anyway, hope you've all had a great festive period and all the best for the New Year  :031: :018:

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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #43 on: May 09, 2018, 10:50:35 AM »
I'm going to bump this topic!

Top marks go to the RST Pro Series Paragon 5 CE Textile Jacket which I have worn in torrential downpours and summer days alike. Only had it two years but it has been superb for the very, very reasonable price. Lots of venting front and back, detachable liner and never let a drop in in the very worst of rain. It is quite a substantial jacket and there are a few colour schemes to choose from. I went boring black with flo yellow but the silver/flo red looks good if you like that lighter style ( The storm collar is a nice addition and without a helmet seems perfect, it is not useful at all with a helmet though as head movement is too restricted with your helmet strap over or under the material. Still, without it it is no different that any other jacket.

Hemet wise I use a Nexx XD1 which compared to most on this forum is budget range as they are pretty much end of line now and replaced with the X.WED 2. You still see them advertised at stupid money but old stock is available miles cheaper at some places. The biggest positive from this helmet is the wide field of view making lifesavers so much easier on my old(ish) and creaking neck. The 2018 XCa Touring screen allows me to wear the peak at motorway speeds without causing a problem too. If you use a camera mount they do provide flat inserts for the side of the helmet and/or the top but you must be using the peak for the top mount. The regular GoPro curved bases do not fit the helmets stylised profile so these are pretty essential. They have a built in space for a modified SENA comms unit (SMH10 equivalent I think, made by SENA) but I found this impossible to buy waiting months for supply, I gave up and purchased a more modern Cardo unit in the end, glad I did. The new Helmet (X.WED 2) looks like it still uses this older comms unit, I really wouldn't bother, its pretty long in the tooth now. I have now dispensed with the peak and oddly enough I now run with the touring screen in a lower position on high speed motorway riding than I did with the peak for a much quieter ride, just goes to show what an impact the peak has on airflow. It has removable pull tab side cheeks, cut outs for speakers, internal sun visor and allows very comfortable use of glasses which my old AGV didn't. It is a little noisy though, earplugs a must.
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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #44 on: September 06, 2018, 12:37:42 PM »
Great thread as these real world reviews are so much more useful than the 5-star ratings on sale sites by people who may have just bought kit and tried it on in the home!

For my tuppenceworth, I've tried a lot of different suits over the years but the highlights have been (in no real order):

...Richa Voyager textile trousers.  Cool in summer with lots of vents;  totally waterproof in some torrential rain and warm in winter.  Very well cut, great fit and quality;

...Alpinestars two piece textiles in this case made for KTM clothing range.  Best two piece that I ever owned. Great armour, great fit, great 4 season suite but not cheap;

...Weisse gear...had a few and all have been well made and comfortable.  Best was a Dynatar jacket (in the classifieds as it happens) which I'm only parting with as it no longer fits (weight loss!);

...RST ProSeries 3 Adventure 2 piece suite:  Outstanding vfm...really top quality stuff from RST and imho on a par with much more expensive kit from the well known leaders, all bar the linings which aren't Goretex (which I still rate as the best)...dead comfy too and excellent weather protection and armour.

Gloves:  Without a shadow of a doubt, my Held Air-N-Dry have to be the best I've ever owned.  Not cheap but do me the year round.  Cool in summer, great feel from the perforated kangaroo leather palm, and fully waterproof thanks to the Goretex liner pocket making it a 2-in-1 type of glove.  Prior to that I had some Richa 3 season gloves with carbon armour and  Hypora lining which lasted 12 years including a few low speed spills.  Hard to get 3 season gloves these days so top marks to Held and to the French Five manufacturer who both make them in various guises.

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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #45 on: September 13, 2018, 03:45:49 PM »
I've always thought it was funny and strange that we change our wardrobes depending on the bike we're riding at the moment. I understand dressing for wet weather and adventure off road get pretty dirty.
I've owned just about every category of bike and have kept the way I dress pretty consistent for street riding. Leather or vented for hot weather and full face helmet, always. No difference with the TEx but I don't go off road, it's set up for the street only. Not going to spend 2K on "adventure" gear because I don't look the part.

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Re: Bike clothing - what do you use?
« Reply #46 on: September 13, 2018, 04:49:00 PM »
For rainy/poor weather, or long distance multi day trips. I use the Triumph Taloc leather jacket and pant.
Stupid hot but short trips, Klim Apex Air jacket.
General riding around, Triumph Assen Jacket.
Pants are Klim outriders or BMW summer pants
Helmets are HJC RHPA 11 Pro Venom or RHPA 90 Darth Vader
Gloves A-starts Highland, BMW Goretex gauntlets, Klim induction gloves.
Boots TCX Fuel and Triumph Dirt Boots
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