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Pirelli Night Dragon...slightly larger?
« on: November 10, 2018, 05:40:18 PM »
I've tried the search function but didn't find the answers to my questions so here goes...I am looking into replacing the tires on my TEX from the OEM tires to Pirelli Night Dragons. The rear will be the slightly taller (1/2" or roughly 1.85%) 180/60-17 version. Being new to the TEX I figured it might be worth learning from more seasoned owners so my questions are; has anyone done anything similar? Did it cause any issues or cause the bike to throw any codes?

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist about varying from the stock configuration...I have done this on multiple other bikes that have ABS and traction control systems without issue. The stock Metzlers (junk IMHO) only lasted 8,500 miles and in truth should have been changed at about 4,000 due to cupping on the front and a flat spot on the back, but I was in the middle of an Ironbutt ride. I'm going to this tire in an attempt to increase tire life. 99.99% of my riding is done on the highway and I am looking for a tire that can stand up to serious miles without frequent changes. This bike will eventually (2020) make a run from Alaska to Patagonia so I would like a tire that will hang in there as long as possible. My thinking is that if I start investigating tires that were built for heavier cruisers they might last longer on the TEX. If this one doesn't do the trick I will move on to another until I find one that will. This tire isn't a huge leap from stock, but has a 70 lb higher load rating than stock so fingers crossed. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Re: Pirelli Night Dragon...slightly larger?
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2018, 12:03:52 PM »
I had a set of Night Dragons on my Sportster and they were good tires..They are more suited for cruisers but I suppose they may work well on the TEX ..keep in mind though that they are  a bias ply tire, not a radial so they may not handle or ride as well .
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