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Brand Respect Bruised
« on: January 14, 2019, 02:11:21 PM »
I’m not one oft moved to write; I enjoy reading the different convos but rarely feel qualified to respond. I thought however, I’d share this ditty – mostly because I’m a tad disappointed with Triumph. I apologise ahead of time if this rambles… bought a brand new XCA in (very) late 2017 as retirement loomed. I’ve long been a Trumpet fan, and the Tiger was my third in a dozen or so years.  Managed to get the run in done and the first service (dealer did not change final drive oil, but that’s another story) before the snow flew, and put the bike away. Spring of 2018 and I’m well pleased with the bike.
About 1500 km, I noticed what looked to be a bad oil leak coming from somewhere on RH side; looking to be either the balancer shaft, or crankshaft cover. Not enough to cause a drop in oil level, but enough to cause a mess. Several cleans and attempts to locate while on a long trip to the US did not reveal the source. Fast forward, it went on for a bit – I’d clean it, ride it, it wouldn’t leak, then it would… get the drift. Finally found a pin drop coming from the BS cover when I let it idle and sat and stared at it for 10 minutes. Aha! Quick check on torque for both covers and thought maybe that’s all it was. Alas, it continued to (sometimes) leak. My closest dealer is 90 minutes away, so I eventually arranged a drop off time. One week later, I collect it, sporting two new gaskets and ride home. 1 ½ hours was enough for it to start p*ssing out again, splashed everywhere. Call dealer. They kindly pick the bike up, but by now, we are well into cold weather. This was early November.
A few phone calls back and forth and they can’t get it to leak. Second week of January they call and tell me they have found the issue. There are two holes in the RHS engine case. Defective metal it would seem. It’s going to be roughly 6 weeks to get the parts. I’m hopeful it will be done by the end of February. That’s only 4 months of not having my bike.
Now here’s the bad bit; I’m told by the dealer that Triumph will not cover the cost of oil and coolant and will want them to put the old fluids and filter back after what I would’ve assumed is a fairly major repair, unless I pay for new stuff. Just to put this into context, the bike is now just shy of 10,000Km and my plan was to do oil and filter once I’d put it away. I couldn’t get to 16,000km this year, but will do the spring, so I was planning on doing the quick oil change myself; so it NEEDS to be done. It’s just the attitude of a major M/C manufacturer…. Triumph has no idea of the circumstances here in the great white north. I doubt they’re thinking “hell he can’t ride it anyway”……but all the while it’s NOT in my garage, I can’t go out and look at it (yes, full disclosure, I like to sit, ponder and stare at my bike sometimes), I can’t tinker with it, I can’t install the OEM tank bag I bought, I can’t show it off to friends. I miss it. It’s not here. So they’re quite happy to take on the major work under warrantee but are going to nickel and dime me for a few dollars’ worth of fluids and an oil filter. Might have been an ideal time to maybe look after that for the inconvenience perhaps? Or am I being far too sensitive? I have no grumble about the dealer, they’ve been great. But my love (respect?) for Triumph has taken a little bit of a hit.
And on that note, I wish everyone here a healthy, safe and prosperous 2019! I’m looking forward to some serious touring this year now that I’m finished working for a living. 

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2019, 02:55:00 PM »
I'd say that was pretty cheap of them. Given the cause of the problem and your story, even suggesting this makes me itch. I appreciate your dealer has been good, but if I'd been them, I'd have just lied about Triumph's response and done the oil and filter for you. Who reuses oil and filters - bearing in mind I'm form Yorkshire and mean!

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2019, 03:00:19 PM »
Gday 2u2,
I would expert the dealer to take the fluids and filter for his bennefit In order to get a fully pleased customer. But anyhow, all the best for 2019 aswell.

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2019, 03:03:03 PM »
Yeah i have to agree. That does smack of incredibly cheap of them. My own dealer I'm positive would have swallowed the costs and not said anything. Maybe my goodwill towards Triumph is just infact goodwill towards my dealer who over the 13 years I've exclusively bought from them have hidden official Triumph's  stingyness. (is that even a word?) Tightwaddedness.

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2019, 03:20:08 PM »
Dealers. Every single time, it all boils down to dealers. They make or break the experience of your bike's ownership. Every single time. If you have a great dealer with great service, they cover whatever is lacking from the brand - to keep you happy and keep you coming. An incompetent dealer ruins everything no matter what.  :232: So sorry to hear your troubles, these penny-pinching little things annoy a lot.

My tankbag's straps broke, two dealers in the North East (Mass & CT) f$'d up big time, wasted weeks and gotten nowhere. All blamed Triumph, all failed to communicate, all failed to achieve a single good result and instead served misery with a side of resentment. My original dealer in NY on the other hand gave me a brand new harness the day I rode there and took it up with Triumph and gotten a refund. No questions, no worries, no hassles.

My right fork seals busted on the way back from Trans Labrador Highway trip. I rode 750 miles leaking everywhere in 11 hours, one sorry @ss dealer hijacked my bike for 2 1/2 weeks waiting for parts from Triumph - allegedly - due to backorder or some other reason that they kept throwing at my way. One day hanging out in Twisted Throttle a Triumph North America sales manager was there and I ranted and he blew a fuse, started making phone calls and yelling at everybody. Turns out the dealer f#k'd up the order and ordered wrong parts TWICE! and did not want to 'fess or own up to the mistake. Instead, threw Triumph under the bus.

Tons, tons of stories. My wife had two BMWs - the way we had to suffer last summer between two dealerships in CT and months of wait... BMW Manhattan on the other hand, one of the busiest in the nation - solved the problem in under 15 minutes. All it takes is one good, smart, hard-working mechanic and a good, smart, hard-working manager to pair up.

F#k'n incompetent dealers. Nik's problems from last year!!! Same crap. Can't communicate, can't solve, can't fix, can't be honest, incompetent  :232: :232: :230: :230: :157:  :173:

Anyway :-) Good journey to you and congrats on your "not having to work for a living anymore" achievement!

Keep the rubber side down! and see you out there

 :305:  :821:
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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #5 on: January 14, 2019, 03:46:18 PM »
*Originally Posted by Icy [+]
F#k'n incompetent dealers. Nik's problems from last year!!! Same crap.
Hey! Don't you rant in the name of me!

Yeah, I'd blame the dealer first, BUT after having shaken the Triumph UK tree myself, I understood that unfortunately mothership doesn't care much for customers either. Even long time loyal ones (this fact for sure they don't care at all). That's my strong and definitive belief now.

In short: take the matter to Triumph UK. eMail bomb them if necessary until they're annoyed enough to demand their NA representative to make things right (no, making you pay ANYTHING for a failure under warranty is not fair, if not plainly illegal).

Be prepare though to lots of marketing bullsh!t (like "we do value customers", etc.), instantly followed by no action at all. Until one day, one buddy less lazy than the others will do something useful. It's a long, frustrating road, completely not in line with the amount of cash we throw at their bikes.

And the most optimistic (my specialty ;-) prophecy now: you can go see any other manufacturer and will probably find the same situation. They're ok with taking your money, much less so with covering your a$$ when you need it the most.

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #6 on: January 14, 2019, 04:17:56 PM »
Not trying to defend dealers here but it is incredibly hard for many dealers to get decent technicians/mechanics (call them what you will) as pay rates need to be high for them to be able to live in the local area of the shop, usually an expensive to live in city base.  This is not solely a phenomenon of the motorcycle trade of course and is a much wider reaching problem in many aspects of the service industry in the western world. As we collectively baulk at excessively high hourly rates dealers are then tempted to offer positions to lower paid staff to be as competitive as possible, these guys & gals can change oil/filter, fit accessories and do basic jobs but not much else. These lower paid folks end up with long commutes (because they can't afford to live in the area) and poor job satisfaction for their efforts and don't necessarily have the skill-sets to balance customer satisfaction or possess negotiating savvy to present a case to a manufacturer. The dealer principal or manager has to be your entry point for complaints, he or she has skin in the game, the poor mechanic doesn't.

I can't believe that dealer didn't throw in the oil and filter as part of the customer satisfaction, regardless of what Triumph said - FAIL on their part.
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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #7 on: January 14, 2019, 05:02:39 PM »
One nice thing about being close to cities are techs which branch out on their own while this is rare for triumph mechs it is not for other brands. Most of the Harley owners I know go to a retired garage mech for major and minor work. Never a problem which can’t be fixed. One guy needed a complete rebuild on his motor (gasp). Done in a week. I can fix most things except engine work. My dealer is rather good and has stepped up with my major issue and a few minor. They even delivered my bike to my house after it was fixed
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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #8 on: January 14, 2019, 05:30:07 PM »
Be careful not to confuse the behaviour of dealers, with the manufacturer. I have 2 Triumph distributors in my area, who will remain nameless. One is always tries to capitalise out of a situation, quoting Triumph rules and regulations, the other doesn't.

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Re: Brand Respect Bruised
« Reply #9 on: January 14, 2019, 05:34:45 PM »
in my younger years, 40 ago, i was a commission motorcycle mechanic l made decent money, but there was no benefits and i finally gave it up for something else. even then it was hard to get qualified mechs. it was a young mans job and a lot of guys did what i did, drifting away from that job when they started raising families. the shop i deal with has a good mech, but they let a kid put the minor stuff back on, which is not always right. i just double check their work on both my tiger and my beta. i have had issues with factory, triumph, lying to me about information. which  makes it hard to keep the bike because if something goes wrong will they take care of it. i mean come on it's a 21 thousand dollar bike, they need to keep that in mind when they make decisions. :084:


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