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Installed SW Motech 20mm Handlebar Risers
« on: June 09, 2019, 01:40:37 PM »
From member "Adey" (thanks, Adey) I have acquired a pair of 20mm risers and this is what I found.

Installation is simple: five minutes with a torque wrench and suitable Allen key sockets and the job is done.

There is enough free-play in the cables to accommodate the additional height.

I bought them to alleviate a back ache, just below my right shoulder blade, on long rides.

When I rode the bike for the first time the bike was much more responsive to counter-steering pressure and felt more twitchy. I guess this is reasonable, considering that the leverage has been increased as the distance from the bars to the wheel increased. Also, perhaps there is less body weight through the bars to the front end.

Slow speed manouevring is a bit easier.

Too soon to tell about the back ache, but the signs are good.
If not now, when?


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