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Re: Original stickers
Reply #10 on: November 21, 2020, 07:23:08 PM
Great to hear the positive comments about off-road performance Mike. Mine is road only for touring and coffee trips. But I have read a lot of the negativity about height to weight and how vastly superior the GS is. I note that almost all those GS comments come from GS owners. On the few times I took my Gen1 TEX off-road - it was beach sand and gravel road during roadworks. So no real test.  It felt just fine to me. Always is as long as you keep it rolling. The TEX/1200 only becomes "intimidating" if at you approach zero momentum particularly with a pillion.


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Re: Original stickers
Reply #11 on: November 21, 2020, 07:35:27 PM
Thanks, trade_nancy! I listened to those comments for a while and it had me thinking I bought the wrong bike. My off-road experience was zero when buying my Tiger. I was HORRIBLE at it when I first started. But, a firm talking to from my wife :161: changed my attitude, lots of YouTube, and LOTS of practice and I am much better and capable off-road and the Tiger is amazing on or off-road! I have gone through my moments of threatening to go BMW but those moments have gone. I am sticking with my Tiger and will more-than-likely go with a new one if they are anywhere as good as the 900! One of my attitude-issues with Triumph stems from my Trophy ownership and the problems I had with that bike and with Triumph support. Not long ago I had to have the alternator replaced on my Tiger and felt those negative feelings coming back! But, this time it was easy, part of a day and I had my bike back so my faith is being restored. For me, BMW GS vs Tiger, I take the Tiger. If I were to leave the Tiger it would be because the new models are terrible or the support from Triumph gets weak. The BMW vs Triumph argument for me is over support more than anything else. But it definitely isn't over the actual bikes...Tiger wins that one as far as I'm concerned.
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