Author I didn't see you he/she said after knocking you off your bike.  (Read 4007 times)

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    Re: I didn't see you he/she said after knocking you off your bike.
    Reply #10 on: July 07, 2022, 09:40:42 am
    July 07, 2022, 09:40:42 am
    Not THAT unbelievable.
    We should all remember that statistics are just that: numbers accounting for a kind of large numbers reality.
    Riding IS statistically more risky to human beings than driving, both in probaility of occurrence and in consequences. This never changed along the decades of studies.

    However, stats are largely irrelevant when it comes to indivual subjects. Between myself (obsessively 'active' (mostly) legal riding, bordering on paranoia) and the ordinary sc*mbag not giving a sh!t about his life nor other's (I know it's much more complex than that rethorical shortcut, but this post will be long enough already), the average risk per kilometer is several orders of magnitude away.

    That's not to say I'll maintain my winning streak forever (rear-ended while stopped at a crosing once since 2001), for at least the two following facts:
    - I AM doing mistakes. Despite all my good will on the road, there are portions where my attention is not 100%. This DOES increase the risk.
    - Even when at 100%, I just can NOT mitigate every ill behaviour of every other road user.

    We live in quantum reality really. It's all about probabilities and not one of them reaches 1 ;-)

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    Re: I didn't see you he/she said after knocking you off your bike.
    Reply #11 on: July 28, 2022, 07:19:35 am
    July 28, 2022, 07:19:35 am
    Once upon a time at the tender age of 17, I had past my test (yes you could back then) and bought an old 1969 Honda CB750 (worth a packet now)..
    I was proggressing up a local main road when a car decided to pull out from a side street (on my left UK) to carry on accross the main road I was on, onto an opposing side street.

    Its true that time seems to slow as your brain speeds up!

    As I hit the side of the car I proceeded to virtically rotate over the handle bars, whreupon I remember thinking "Crap..How am I going to get to work tomorrow"..(Yes I really did think that).
    I remember he had a roof rack and I managed to grab onto it and stayed on his roof..
    He then decided he would take off and evade the scene with me on the roof!
    I put my feet down over his windscreen to indicate to hime I was still actually an unwilling passenger!
    People ran out in front of him to stop him (They had heard and seen the crash)..

    He gets out of his car and said "Where is he"?
    To which I replied "I'm up here"..
    He asked "Are you allright"?
    I replied "I never felt better"

    I can only assume the banter was due to shock..

    To cut a long story shorter when the cop turned up, he recognised the driver..
    It turns out he was already Banned from driving and had borrowed his mates car (which was written off by my bike incidentally)...
    Luckily I had fully comprehensive insurance and so could initially clain from my own insurance..
    My only injury was a 3" sliver of glass from my bikes wing mirror had gone into my forearm...
    That did actually teach me a lesson about side roads and not assuming drivers would wait..

    Touch wood that was the last time I had a bike accident (45 years ago)
    Power is how hard you hit the wall...
    Torque is how far you take the wall with you !