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Garmin Zumo XT Installation instructions (July 2021)

Tiger 1200 (Gen 3) 2021 (Alpine Edition SE) with DIN accessory socket installed

NOTE: These instructions are based on the model of Tiger 1200 coming factory fitted with a DIN socket in front of the petrol tank behind the headstock bolt (the Alpine Edition SE comes with DIN socket as standard). If your Tiger 1200 does not have a factory installed DIN power socket, one will need to be installed. Alternatively, the Garmin 12 V power feed will need to be hard wired into the motorcycle wiring system. The advantage of using the factory fitted DIN socket to power the GPS, is that the GPS power plug can be removed and GPS bracket assembly can be detached from the SW Motech handlebar mounting when not in use, for security purposes or during maintenance.

Materials required to complete installation as per the following instructions: -
•   1 Nr Garmin Zumo XT Satellite Navigation device. Cost £389.00 including VAT.
•   1 Nr SW-Motech GPS mounting bracket (GPS mount for handlebar black Triumph Part no. GPS 11.646.10202/B – FA 86741) Cost £51.32 including VAT.
•   1 Nr Touratech Garmin Zumo XT lockable mounting bracket (Part No. 01-065-1397-0 (R512+R219) available through the Adventure Bike Shop) Cost £125.43 including VAT.
•   1 Nr DIN plug – screw fitment wires (Nippy Norman Part No BAS-BA13) Cost £4.00 including VAT.
•   Sundry materials: -
o   Black self-amalgamating tape (for conductor insulation)
o   50mm length black heat shrink (for wire jointing)
o   Soft solder and soldering iron (for wire jointing)
o   Black silicon sealant (for sealing cable entry to DIN plug)

Installation instructions (hints and tips)
Assembly and installation of SW Motech GPS mounting bracket
1.   Assemble the SW Motech GPS mounting assembly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
2.   Remove the two bottom handlebar mounting bolts from the handlebar clamps and set aside OEM bolts for possible later re-use (if you sell the bike and remove mount).
3.   Install the black SW Motech handlebar mount GPS bracket to the lower part of the Triumph handlebar mounting brackets, install new bolts (supplied) and torque to the correct settings. Also check tightness of the two top handlebar mounting bolts.

Assembly and installation of Touratech lockable GPS mount
1.   Attach the upper portion of the SW Motech GPS mounting bracket to the base (bottom) of the Touratech lockable GPS mount, ensuring to install the spacers inside the lockable bracket. NOTE: ensure that the Touratech lockable GPS mount is fitted with the lock barrel at the top to allow easy access to the lock.
2.   Install the spacer plate to the top of the Touratech lockable GPS mount between the mount and the Garmin Zumo XT black plastic powered base. Add washers correctly then tighten and secure nyloc nuts.
3.   Using the side mounted allen bolts on the SW Motech hinged anti-vibration top bracket, adjust the angle of GPS mount to allow easy access when sitting normally on the Tiger 1200. Tighten loosely as you may need to adjust further (protect damage to locking washers).

Mounting of the Garmin Zumo XT GPS
1.   With the top assembly of the Touratech locable GPS mounting bracket firmly locked into the handlebar mounted SW Motech base bracket (check catch is firmly locked into place), carefully clip the Garmin Zumo XT into the Garmin powered base plate.
2.   Hold the rubber sides of the Touratech lockable GPS mount and push these together firmly until clipped into place. The Garmin Zumo XT GPS is now firmly and securely gripped by the mount to prevent ‘easy’ removable from the bike (theft!). For added security, use the key to lock the Garmin Zumo XT GPS into the Touratech mount.
3.   To remove the Garmin Zumo XT GPS from the Touratech lockable GPS mount: -
a.   Use the key to unlock the mount release mechanism.
b.   Locate the lever at the bottom on the Touratech lockable GPS mount and push to one side. The side grips should now spring apart.
c.   Ensure you are holding onto the Garmin Zumo XT, then locate the black plastic release button on the top of the Garmin powered base plate and push down to release.
d.   Suggest removal of the GPS mount assemble when not in use or for cleaning/maintenance purposes.

Connecting bike power 12 V DC to the Garmin Zumo XT GPS powered mount
1.   Locate the Garmin Zumo XT GPS power lead and install into the powered base plate (supplied). An important note. Locate the black plastic box between the black and red conductors and the black sheafed cable running into the Garmin powered base. You will need to cut and shorten this power cable – see later instructions. NOTE: Do not cut off the small in-line black plastic box fitted to the Garmin Zumo XT power cable. This black box reduces the 12v DC input supply from the engine down to 4.8 to 5.5v DC into Garmin Zumo XT. Removal and direct connection to 12v DC could damage the GPS device.
2.   Install the Garmin Zumo XT GPS powered base into the Touratch lockable GPS mount, if not already installed (refer to previous notes).
3.   With the whole GPS mount assembly installed onto the Tiger 1200, measure a suitable distance (approximately XXXmm) from the Garmin Zumo XT power base and cut the cable. Measure a suitable distance (approximately XXXmm) from the top of the black plastic box fitted to the power cable and cut. Slide a suitable length of heat shrink sleeve to cover cable joint over the outer cable (longest length). Strip approximately 10mm insulation off each conductor (black and red) then splice and solder the cable ends together. Wrap a small section of self-amalgamating tape around each individual soldered joint, then heat shrink over the whole cable joint. The cable joint should now be protected and watertight. NOTE: allow for at least 200mm of ‘slack’ between base plate and DIN plug to allow the cables to move freely through the arc as the handlebars are mount from left to right, ensuring that the GPS power cable does not snag of interfere with the steering or accessories.   
4.   Measure a suitable distance (minimum 65mm to allow clearance for DIN plug shroud) from the in-line black plastic box fitted to the Garmin Zumo XT GPS power cable at the red and black cable end. Cut and shorten the red/black cable, strip 5mm of insulation from each conductor and apply solder to the cable ends.
5.   To install the DIN plug onto the cable ends: -
a.   Unscrew the DIN plug, slide the DIN plug cover onto the red/black cable.
b.   Connect the red cable end (+’ve) to the centre lower terminal and the black cable end to the outer terminal (-‘ve).
c.   Slide the casing onto the DIN plug to cover terminals. NOTE: suggest applying some black silicon sealant to the DIN plug cable entry to seal against water ingress
6.   Testing the Garmin Zumo XT GPS installation: -
a.   Full install the whole GPS assembly with Garmin Zumo XT fitted into mount.
b.   Plug the installed DIN plug into the factory DIN socket. With the engine OFF but ignition ON test the fully installed GPS static installation for charging.
c.   Unplug the GPS from DIN socket, start the engine and plug in the GPS DIN plug with the engine running and GPS plugged into the DIN socket to test with engine running. Check the Garmin Zumo XT GPS screen to ensure the device is charging.
d.   NOTE: The factory fitted DIN accessory socket is fused but is permanently powered from the battery, i.e., it is not a switched power supply through the ignition circuit. Therefore, prolonged use of the sat nav with the engine OFF will drain the motorcycle battery. Always unplug the GPS power lead when not in use.

Authors note:
The Touratech lockable GPS mount can be installed directly onto a fixed mounting plate, however the SW Motech GPS mount has the advantage of having an integrated ‘anti-vibration’ mount built into the design which works well, and the ability to adjust the angle of the screen which is a real advantage for different height riders. Also, the main advantage for me over a screen mounted GPS bracket, is that the GPS is closer to the rider and therefore can be easily reached when sitting on the bike. This is not so when screen mounted. The handlebar mount is also very secure and does not place additional weight and load on the power screen mechanism and motor etc. The whole GPS mount assembly can be detached from the SW Motech mounting plate in seconds for maintenance, cleaning or when stored not in use.

3 July 2021 :001:


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Hi RazBlue,

where did you place the powerconverter?
Picture would be of interest.
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