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    Wearing heated clothing
    on: October 01, 2022, 09:08:19 am
    October 01, 2022, 09:08:19 am
    Hello everyone,

    I have an unusual question and one which I have tried to answer myself but am sure you people will be able to advise me with a better direction! 

    Ok - I have a Keis heated jacket and a pair of their heated gloves. When I come to wear them, I feel as though I am trying to fight my way into a spider's web.  I struggle to route the cables comfortably, the jacket is longer than my outer jacket, so I have to place it inside my riding trousers - which results in the connecting cable being stretched and routed in an awkward way.  The cable for the gloves is too long to connect to the jacket, so I end up tucking the cable into the sleeves.  Then the connector to the lead which is wired into the bike (and hangs by my left knee from under the seat) is uncomfortably routed between my riding trousers and jacket, which are zipped together. 

    It's difficult to describe here now I think about it, but all I know is that it's a PITA and makes me want to just get rid of it all and just layer up, but I ride all weathers and when it is working, and I seem to have it in some form of order it is comfy and makes riding better.       

    So, to paraphrase this - for those out there who wear heated kit - how do you sort out your cables?  Is there a right / wrong way to route the cables?  Am I doing something wrong or missing a trick?  Has anyone adapted the cables to fit better? 

    As ever, I know that out there someone has this cracked and is happy to advise.

    I look forward to your replies in the run up to the cold onslaught of winter.

    Thanks in advance.



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    Re: Wearing heated clothing
    Reply #1 on: October 02, 2022, 12:18:03 pm
    October 02, 2022, 12:18:03 pm
    I use a Keis Heated Vest and Inner Gloves. Firstly I have always avoided the heated Jackets as they are very bulky and require careful selection of your normal jacket for the reasons you outline. I can only see the solution to your first problem is to have a longer standard jacket.

    As to your long cables. I wear Keis inner gloves but they attach in the same way as the gloves. The cables that come with the gloves assumes they are being used in a standalone fashion and are therfore very long. If you have a heated vest or Jacket you can buy a set of short cables (600mm that connect to the upper inside of the jacket. They are 600mm so you don't need to fold any excess away. The other benefit is that both the jacket and gloves can then be operated off the one connection and one heavy duty controller. Be careful ordering any short cables for the heated gloves, there are two connector types (male/female) depending on the age of the gear, you may need a gender adapter at one end.

    You might also consider using the front 10A DIN port to power your gear. Triumph/Optimate sell a DIN to SAE cable which will plug in at the front and you can plug your single cable directly into that. When you hop off the bike you just pull the plug.

    Details of my short cables here


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    Re: Wearing heated clothing
    Reply #2 on: January 12, 2024, 03:05:31 pm
    January 12, 2024, 03:05:31 pm
    I have 12v heated gear made by California heat and I’ve ridden in the high 30’s.The gloves connect the the jacket sleeve and the wires are in the sleeves.The pants connect to a connector at the bottom of the jacket. I use a coiled cord so I can get off the bike and then unplug myself.All wires run inside the clothing.What I’ve been using recently because it’s easier to deal with is 7v battery gear made by the same manufacturer.This morning it’s -2 out.I’ll be wearing a 7v battery vest under a jacket to keep my core warm.

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    Re: Wearing heated clothing
    Reply #3 on: January 12, 2024, 05:54:49 pm
    January 12, 2024, 05:54:49 pm
    I don't have a jacket so maybe not same issues, but for my Gerbing heated gloves I have the connector on bike velcro'd to tank pad, with cables running up outside of my jacket sleeves and over shoulder & back down to RHS pocket flap (I do have removeable Hi-Vis bib built into textile jacket and cable ties to external arm adjusters to keep it all in place).  Then its just a case of plugging in the gloves as I put them on and plugging into bike as I get on. Controller sits just outside the pocket.  This time of year cables stay in place regardless of whether I'm using the heated gloves or not