Author Random Gen 2 & Possibly Gen 1 & Gen 3 Bits For Sale  (Read 300 times)

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    Random Gen 2 & Possibly Gen 1 & Gen 3 Bits For Sale
    on: February 12, 2023, 10:31:26 am
    February 12, 2023, 10:31:26 am
    I have a few bits for sale from my Gen 2- may or may not work with other generations:

     1.  Cyclops H4 LED headlight bulbs- Used for about 5 years, still work.  Just changed to a different brand.  $10 shipped CONUS.

     2.  I have another set of H4 LEDs that were installed on my Ryker; have not tried on the Tiger.  $10 shipped CONUS.

     3.  4xH4 Halogen halogen bulbs.  Used (briefly).  $10 shipped CONUS.

     4. LED parking lamp bulb.  $5 shipped CONUS.

     5.  Denali Soundbomb air horn mount (P/N HMT.11.10100).  I think this will work with Gen 1 & Gen 3 as well, but will not work if you have the SW Motech upper crash bars (as I found out much to my chagrin).  $10 shipped CONUS.

     6.  Givi PL6408CAM pannier racks.  Bent, but could be straightened if you have the right tools, time & inclination.  Pics on request.  Just pay shipping.

     7.  Givi mounting brackets for Triumph pannier racks (or Givi racks).  If you want to convert your Triumph pannier racks to use Givi branded Trekker boxes, this is what you need.  $20 shipped CONUS.

    I'm a terrible pack rat and just don't need this stuff sitting in my garage any longer.

    Edit: I'm mostly just looking to cover the shipping costs for this stuff- if someone wants all or a mix of the lights or whatever, I'd be happy to ship everything in one box at less than the combined asking price.

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