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    BMW R1300GS test ride
    on: October 23, 2023, 03:05:12 pm
    October 23, 2023, 03:05:12 pm
    Today, I had the new BMW GS1300 out on a test ride to see if it could replace the tigger in my garage. I have listed some categories below and have based my opinions around my test ride. Buckle up - it's a bit to read -

    Engine - what a peach, power everywhere (in 'dynamic' mode, a bit flat in 'road'), massive torque and and endless surge whatever the gear you are in. Very impressive and this will have more than enough 'go' for 99.99% of people. Quite smooth, although a few shake. rattle & rolls to be had, but definitely in the 'character' direction rather than in a bad way.

    Gearbox - crikey, what an acheivement! The up and down quickshifter is smooth, the shift precise and acurate and the clutch action is very smooth and natural. A very esy to use, light clutch too. Well spaced ratios make the best of all that lovelly torque and it sits well at motorway speeds.

    Brakes - Wow, I thought the Brembo set up on the tigger were good but this was a different level. Loads of feel, plenty of progreessive power and a nice easy lever feel. The rear was very powerful, but controlabale and offered loads of feedback. These are probably the best bike brakes I've used to be honest.

    Suspension - the revised telelever front end is superb offering way more feel than before. The 'road' setting is fine, with sensible, comfortable damping & spring rate but well controlled. In the 'dynamic' mode the suspension stiffens up nicely and the bike is very agile. The handling is a revelation and it reminded me of a Multistrada the way it would dart for a corner but reman stable at the same time. Very, very impressive.

    Electronics - lots of them and very complicated. Some are intuitive, but you will need to read the manual, probably three of four times to get the best out of the bike... The fuel cap took several minuets of faffing to get closed and did not fill me with confidence. No key option either, which is not ideal.

    Comfort - This is where things are not so rosy in the garden. The screen is all but useless above 60 mph and there is very little leg room. I felt quite cramped after my hours test ride and to be honest ready to get off. It has a bit of a forward tilt to the quite low hnadlebars too which would not be all day comfy for me. If you are under 6' it would probably be OK?

    Reliability - well, my bike went into 'limp mode' on the test, so far from ideal. It scrolled up a number of messages saying things like the 'cruise control' disabled, 'radar disabled', 'blind spot assist' disabled. I was approching a busy roundabout so switched it off and back on again and it seemed to reset. Not brilliant.

    So it's a nippy, good handling bike that feels incredibly light, has a great engine & gearbox but is a bit cramped. I was impressed with the togetherness of the bike but it's not for me. Pic's of a Rally variant and the triple black one I had out at Penshaw Monument.

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