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Another Riding Skill - It works for me
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:47:03 PM »
Well, talking about safety riding, this is what I’ve been done. This is based on self teaching from various sources. it takes awhile to get used to, I practiced this all the times. On group riding, I like to ride with the guys who has the same skill, I always watching the behavior of the guys  in front of me and behind me. And if I do not feel right with these guys, I’ll move over.
I started looking into this type of safety reading material about six to seven years ago.  As a 50-something adult I have no illusions about becoming a racer; my reasons were to become a better rider, enjoy the ride more and that only comes with practice and proper training...but I'll admit the idea of riding on a street at higher than legal speeds was definitely a good fun. Riding a motorcycle requires skills and coordination not required to drive a car. No one likes to think that panic reaction can take them over but you need to look at it as barrier to be overcome.
Once you realize these mental blocks written below you’ll recognize them because they happen all the time and that’s where your mistake will come from.
Note: Full safety riding gears is mandatory.
The enemy is tough but not limited in numbers:
1.   Roll-off the gas - Throttle control
2.   Tighten the bars - Remember to relax your elbow
3.   Fixed attention - Avoid Target Fixation
4.   Steering in the direction of the fixed attention - counter steering.
5.   No steering (frozen) - look where you want to go
6.   Braking error (both over-and under braking).

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