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Re: Bike Safe
Reply #20 on: November 09, 2017, 10:00:10 PM
*Originally Posted by The Robster [+]
Having done Bikesafe a few years past I decided to go on the Rospa course. Wow what an eyeopener. Its a great course run by people who love their bikes and who just want to share their knowledge. I attended the St Helens course but they are held all over the country. It was great and worth every penny.

I too completed a Bike Safe course a few years back FoC in North Wales ... last November I took a lesser known course and assessment an ERS and this summer compeleted the RoSPA course with the fine team at St Helens too passing my test with a Silver.... always more to learn and my personal aim to make sure I turn the Silver to a Gold at next test as with RoSPA you re-test each 3 years
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