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I posted there because there was already a discussion in that thread about the bike being hard to start and I saw possible relationship between being hard to start and dying. 

Also, in the first post of that thread the OP said “ Does this mean the engine runs fine on 91RON”.  A bike dying is a bike not running fine.  That’s why I thought the question was appropriate. 
*Originally Posted by Regi T [+]
Yep, I'm interested.
That post was three years ago...
*Originally Posted by KenW [+]
Or maybe someone will produce a fuel-cell pure electric version with no IC engine at all.  (But it might have to have a trailer permanently attached with the fuel and converter on it.)

I've gone though a cycle of Honda 4, Yamaha 4, Yamaha 4, Triumph 3, Triumph 3 (almost as smooth as a 4).  I love a smooth quiet bike.
It looks like the gen4 will not suit me.  One problem is... the dealer here may not let me ride fast enough or at high enough revs, to experience the engine vibration.
I don't want to buy something and not find its faults until after it is run in.
Did anyone else strike that limitation on their test ride?

But financial logic alone might prevent me going from a gen3 to a gen4.
More likely to go to a smaller solo bike, or give up altogether, as the missus and I get older.
We have a member of my club (older than me) who has recently bought a Spyder, but has now given up because his arthritis has got too bad.
On the other hand, another member still rides on our Wednesday twisty rides at 89.  We all hope he will be still going past 90.  (He rides a Honda 700.)
Health trumps money when it comes to bike decisions.
This brings up a good point. The demographic of many who post here is Boomer + . This is a twilight demographic for Triumph. I think that T has decided that they want to compete for the big A adventure demographic rather than the touring folks. They see the competition is all twins: KTM and BMW and Yamaha and Suzuki and Aprilia and even Moto Guzzi. And people buy them.

BMW sold almost 200,000 bikes last year - a record for them. Here, a fully loaded R1250 GSA out the door is C $40,000. And people buy them.
*Originally Posted by soft [+]
The metallic sound is only heard when driving at speeds over 40 km/h.
When you turn the wheel on the central stand, you only hear the rubbing of the brake pads.
Does the sound change or stop when you bank into a curve? If yes, then it is the tire. I describe the tire noise as a wah wah wah sound.
This thread has been split from the "Why 2 standards on Fuel" topic as the subject matter is completely different.

Reminder to OP - please post in the correct thread or start a New Topic if one does not exist. Please don't take threads off-topic.
I used to have my TFT display (2018 Tiger 1200) set up such that I used Style-1 display style for Rider mode and Style-2 for all other modes.
I liked this because you could quickly see if I was in Rider-mode. (Yes I know: the helmet Icon does the same).

After a maintenance all of a sudden I lost this 'feature'. :003:
And whatever I try, I cannot get this back. My Tiger seems to ignore the Style setting in the Rider menu :087:.

Who can help me and knows the trick to get setting this back ?
New Members / Re: New from Texas
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Welcome, great to see :401: another Texas TEx
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Sport mode
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*Originally Posted by sirsidneyrd [+]
:047: It was filmed in Wales so no need to go too far
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Sport mode
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*Originally Posted by JG_XRT [+]
Shouldn't you be heading up the Khyber Pass?    :001:

 :047: It was filmed in Wales so no need to go too far
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Just down the road from you in Taunton!
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