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New Members / Re: New here
« Last post by NorthumBryan on Today at 11:24:27 am »
 :401: to the forum from the UK. Don't be shy - get on the Ijmuiden to North Shields ferry and ride Northumberland & Scotland, you'll love it  :467:
New Members / New here
« Last post by Tigress on Today at 10:08:40 am »
Hello everyone, I'm new to this group. I'm a female rider (no hot young chick  :745: ) and I have just traded in my lovely Yamaha Tracer 900 GT for a Tiger 1200 GT Pro, which will be delivered in January, so in fact, I currently don't even own a bike  :034:

Anyway, before buying the Tiger, I testrode a few other candidates like the KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, the Ducati Multistrada V2S and also the Tiger 900, but the 1200 GT Pro really put a smile on my face  :001: What a beast! With the original seat mounted, I can almost sit flatfooted, but almost doesn't work for me, so I ordered the low seat, of course the heated one and a whole bunch of other accessories.

I love to ride the twisties in Germany, but I can also enjoy the German Autobahn, where you are allowed to go really fast. I usually go there on vacations with my youngest son who rides an S1000 XR. Riding in The Netherlands can be quite nice as well if you know where the nicer roads are. I would love to go to England and Scotland on the bike one day, but Eastern Europe is also on my wish list and a realistic option with the better suspension I will get with the Tiger. I normally avoid bumpy roads, but mayebe I'll start liking them once I have the Tiger  :084:

Strangely it’s generally shorter levers that appear - if it’s a question of reach quite a few companies do cranked levers
This is something I’m keeping an eye on but I’m looking for shorter ones. Not found anything yet.
I'm also interested in the 3D printer file.
Does anyone know of a Gen4 lever manufacturer that markets longer levers?
I don't know if it's just me, but I feel they are a bit short.
Could you share me the .STL file, pls?
Insurance quotes over the internet are extremely difficult to compare as there are several variables to calculating your premium...record, location, experience, # of claims if any, coverage, deductible, etc.

I live in Los Angeles where uninsured motorist premiums are extremely expensive.  I'll let you guess why. ;)

- '23 Rally Pro
- 23 years riding experience
- No accidents in last 5 years
- Full coverage $250/500K, comp/collision deductible $250 with Dairyland
- Annual Premium is $780.  (Progressive and Geico both wanted over $1200)

Hope this helps.
*Originally Posted by Will Morgan [+]
I would have liked to see the GT have the traditional smooth engine firing sequence as the Speed Triple leaving the offbeat "T plane crank" engine for the off-road Rally models.
Right there with you, friend. :467:

I wonder if a Speed Triple engine would fit in my GT Explorer... :015:
After 3 calls to GEICO to tell them that their rates were way out of line with the market, I cancelled my motorcycle policy with them and moved over to Progressive.  $645 for the lofty coverage requirements that I have to have in order to participate in the Iron Butt Rally and it includes both the Tiger and my 2015 Trophy.  Really disappointed in GEICO.
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