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Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale / Givi Top Box Latch
« Last post by Sweep on Today at 11:49:22 am »
Hi, Got a Givi Trekker Explorer top box latch with 2 keys. I have just replaced my Givi top box with a Triumph latch to key the keys the same.
£10 plus postage.
New Members / Re: Hello from colorado Dmadden
« Last post by KenW on Today at 09:19:52 am »
Welcome to the forum from Oz.
After I'd made the mistake of test riding a Tiger in 2015, I tried to get a ride on a Super Tenere to compare, without success.  So Tiger it was.  Now on my second one.
I'd be interested in hearing about the differences you notice.

(I also tried a BMW GS1200, didn't like it from the start.  Guess they've improved since then.)
New Members / Re: SimonF1959
« Last post by KenW on Today at 09:15:28 am »
Welcome to the extra power, and a great forum, Simon.
New Members / SimonF1959
« Last post by SimonF1959 on Today at 09:11:02 am »

 I havejust part exchanged my 2016 Tiger 800 XRx, for a 2019 1200 XCa.

So, on a learning curve of what does what with manual in one hand and pushing buttons and scrolling at the same time!!

I will get there 😂😂
New Members / Re: Hello from colorado Dmadden
« Last post by NorthumBryan on Today at 05:08:05 am »
 :401: to the forum from the UK  :467:
So I've just ripped the stupid cell phone case out from under my seat and working on fitting my tools in there. There is a TON of space once that waste of plastic is pulled out
Those are all links for the pro, not explorer, models.
New Members / Hello from colorado Dmadden
« Last post by Dmadden on Today at 03:13:46 am »
Hello all, just bought my gt tiger 1200 today I have been riding a super tenere and it has been a good bike I just need to get some excitement into my life again and I fell in love with the explorer the minute I rode it.
So hello from Colorado in the usa
Suspension - Set-up, Repair and Mods / Re: Sidestand for 40mm lowered XRt
« Last post by KenW on Today at 12:45:39 am »
I've taken a punt and ordered Lust 40mm links and a low sidestand from WOT. 
Will report back as to how I go, but not expecting deliveries for a while.
Got the Rally Explorer, taking note of the last 2 post's and don't think it's a safe bet for going off roading. Bit to close to that swing arm for safety comfort!!
 Good idea gone bad!! Stick with the tool box I made up that fits on top of my top box!
 Any one after a Givi Tool box! Ha!!🤔
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