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Hi TE Explorer

I’ll try and help with your bafflement, if I’m travelling around Europe and can legally go more than 120mph on autobahn for example then I’d prefer to make it my choice rather than an unpublicised manufacturer’s restriction.
If however Triumph and their dealers were upfront in informing me of this speed limitation then I would be fully informed in making any purchasing decision.
However it took this forum and eventually finding one video on YouTube to confirm that my bike wasn’t faulty it was inherent in the design.
You pays your money and makes your choice or not as in this case.
*Originally Posted by wassers [+]
I'm booked in with A Bike Thing for early March to have that exact bundle fitted to my GT Explorer  :001:
You will not be disappointed  :152: The guys there are great and have fitted a set of D4 to my GT pro. Its like having a small Sun on the bike when you hit high beam!!!! :005:
I love what you’ve done with the tank bag.
Electrical and Lighting / Re: Correct Gen3 battery?
« Last post by llama on Today at 01:25:14 am »
Just as a follow up, the MG14ZS I ordered arrived, and I installed it last weekend. Fits just fine. The only issue for me is that my rubber hold-down strap seems to have been stretched out from the taller YTX12. I'll have to figure something out there.
I remember your previous experiments on that.

Looking forward to seeing what you might come up with.
Maybe put a tinted film on the inside of the windshield, like for the side windows of cars?

For the cardboard and the Givi I have to try that, but right now I don't have much time to do it... and the bike stays in a warm place :)

I had done it on the original windshield and it was quite effective.
So I had mounted extensions on the original windshield with some success.
It is to be done on the Givi, without widening it, but by accentuating the speed of the air flows at the level of the mirrors.

To be continued!
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: After Market LED Spot Lamps
« Last post by Sheriff1215 on Yesterday at 10:51:06 pm »
*Originally Posted by benito89 [+]
They are independent of the headlamp. They're plugged to the OEM connectors right next to the horn / front suspension. They are controlled through the fog light switch in you handlebar (left side).

Cheers for the reply!  I hope my replies end up with the right places! Still finding my way round here!
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: After Market LED Spot Lamps
« Last post by Sheriff1215 on Yesterday at 10:49:41 pm »
*Originally Posted by Mark1967 [+]
But the headlamp must be on then the foglamp can set on with the oem switch for the fog lights.

Cheers for the info!  I hope this reply goes to the right post - still finding my way round here!
*Originally Posted by tdragger [+]
Most likely the OEM fogs will go in a box and up on the shelf.  I like lights but having white fogs kind of defeats the purpose as they reflect in the fog.

The only real difference that we will have is not having to deal with the DRL options.  I don't know for sure but that is what I expect.  It should be a slightly easier set up for us.

I agree about the white fogs.  I plan on doing the same.  Let me know how it goes.  Eager to see your setup!  Good luck!
I’m running the Givi screen. As you said, it’s taller than stock so for me, it works in the low position like the stock screen in the high position.

In the high position, the Givi screen works just about the same at speed. The screen is fine, but there’s just so much air coming around the sides from the turn signal area that no screen is likely to do much better.

Might be time to grab some tape and cardboard and play around a bit.
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