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New Members / Re: New Member on an Old Ride from Utah
« Last post by Jon on Today at 04:42:19 am »
 :400: to the family, INS. You certainly live in a great area for fantastic rides! Looking forward to more of your ride pics. :028:
New Members / New Member on an Old Ride from Utah
« Last post by ImNoSaint on Today at 03:10:07 am »
Hope you're alright with this Yankee here. I live around and enjoy amazing roads, national parks, and backroad discovery routes in the Western United States in Utah. This is my '14 Explorer XC's fourth year with me, had a Tiger 800XC before which now belongs to my daughter. Hondas have trained in my garage most of my life until I rode the 800 throughout the deserts of Utah and became hooked, my gateway drug. I've put 36k miles (58k klms) in the last two years on the Explorer and am now planning a trip from my home near the Great Salt Lake to the Arctic Circle, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and if all goes well, that may be the start of a Trans-Panama ride. We'll see. Hope to learn and share here.

Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Two up
« Last post by BasilB on Today at 12:36:33 am »
*Originally Posted by trade_nancy [+]

On our Gen1 we did an inter-island tour and when parking up on the ferry...I hadn''t gotten the stand down and she moved around and I was off balance..bike went left heading straight for a guy on a Mo. Guzzi. I yelled at him to catch us - he did thankfully.

I haven't done a ferry crossing on the Tiger with the missus on the back and I won't be looking forward to it. I've done a few on the Thunderbird though and they are always a concern. Ferry ramps tend to not be motorcycle friendly with raised channels running the length of the ramp and slippery surfaces. I've seen a bike go over because they hit the side of a raised channel and he couldn't recover going downhill. Furthermore, you often don't get a good run on or off the ramp because the fool car in front keeps stopping and starting. It also much much harder with a passenger. The large ferries I've used also don't allow a passenger to walk up/down the ramp. They have to be on the bike.
No. The dealer wants me to keep the bike till I get the 1000km service done. They have not inspected it.
Also...that may indicate an assembly fault perhaps? Bushing in backwards...washer missing..etc
New Members / Re: New member from France
« Last post by Chris92 on Yesterday at 06:49:43 pm »
I hope not so many, I like to have a not so common bike ;-)

Merci pour la chanson !
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Two up
« Last post by lcon2 on Yesterday at 05:43:58 pm »
Thank you all…just from looking at the seat height of the pillion gave me reason to question two stability. The last few posts have confirmed my thoughts. 

Thank you
Suspension - Set-up, Repair and Mods / Re: Wobble at slow speed
« Last post by ijinak on Yesterday at 04:34:15 pm »
Maybe check you don't have loose spokes
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Two up
« Last post by sirsidneyrd on Yesterday at 03:35:47 pm »
yep its higher than previous generations - my wife is not keen , there is more buffeting so i bought an extender but not made that much difference , will be ok in the warm weather - i have lowered the left hand pillion peg to make it easier for her to get on - the new software will help , will get it done on the service - once moving though the GT is a great tourer as was the Gen 1 but there is more use of the clutch in first .   
New Members / Re: New member from France
« Last post by NiK on Yesterday at 03:17:09 pm »
Hey what's happening here? Many new French Tigerists recently!

Bienvenue mec!

As a welcome gift, here is a tune from Axel Bauer (born in Paris):
New Members / Re: New member from France
« Last post by Jon on Yesterday at 02:35:30 pm »
 :400: aboard, Chris! :821:
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