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All this summer my Triumph and my Ninja 1000 are getting much better gas mileage than they had been. It has to be the summer blend fuel.  My ninja seems like it’s recently gone back to what it had been getting.  My Triumph has been at 51 whereas it had been getting in the 47s. 
 :047: 38 sounds more tenable at those sorts of speeds - mine is a thirsty bugger once you twist the grip in sport but it is all slightly addictive !
Bikes for Sale / Re: FS:2013 Tiger Explorer 1200
« Last post by dsim on Yesterday at 08:46:06 pm »
I'm interested if still available.
Sent you a private message.
Electrical and Lighting / Re: USB DIN Plug draining the battery.
« Last post by Ed Harley on Yesterday at 06:25:48 pm »
Please disregard my comment above regarding power outlet and CAN-bus etc.

This was bothering me so I went and tested: it is "hot" and there is no need to switch ignition on.

Now, this senior moment in turn started to bother me and it took me a while to recall that my previous BMWs did require this key cycling.

Sorry for this misleading dis-information.  :157:
On Two Wheels / Re: Riding in Bosnia - Insurance
« Last post by 1675 on Yesterday at 06:01:12 pm »
An oaf on a GS?
Well I never.
On Two Wheels / Re: Riding in Bosnia - Insurance
« Last post by Georgio Scorchio on Yesterday at 05:39:53 pm »
The key thing was we were in a country that's not EU ... if we had put someone in hospital or worse without insurance, I suspect it would have been a spell in a cell till we paid up.
The police paid a lot of attention to us at the border... probably because we had a group with us from the States on German registered bikes.

The funniest bit was there was an Austrian on a GS in front of us at the border... once he went through the Croation border gate, he took off at great pace much to the excitement of the Bosnians who were ready to do whatever to stop him... he had to wheel his bike all the way back to the Bosnian gate to have his passport stamped in ... he then took off again and the same happened as he didn't stop at the customs gate.. it was quite comical but made you aware this was not your normal border crossing, and the Bosnian police took great exception to any messing about.  :008:
On Two Wheels / Re: Riding in Bosnia - Insurance
« Last post by Georgio Scorchio on Yesterday at 05:29:46 pm »
Difficult to decipher ... we were given one form covering the third party and one form covering self.. looking very official with a multitude of stamps.
However, its all in cyrillic so who knows.. and we had sod all other options, other than to cancel our current policies and take out a new 12month policy with another company at an exorbitant price which was a rip-off. The lady who did speak a bit of English assured us it covered all.... academic now... it sufficed for the three days we were there
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Average fuel consumption
« Last post by 1675 on Yesterday at 04:36:56 pm »
A bit off topic as it relates to speed and time and the consumption was my recollection of it.
I recently did 2 consecutive days of 741 miles at 73mph in 10.04hrs, the next was 763 miles at 77.1 mph and 9.53 hrs.
The rest were shorter days of 650 and 490 miles. Fuel consumption was around 38 mpg (UK gallons) and for the first 2 days I had to refill the 30 litre tank 3 times.
Needless to say, I wasn't in the UK and had to be somewhere which was 3200 miles away and only had 7 days to do it in.
I managed the first 3000 miles in 5 days.
*Originally Posted by Spit79 [+]
Workshop ended up backing out of the gearing modification.

I have just come to terms with the need to ride the crap out of the clutch… the pitfalls of shaft drive… :(

You live, you learn…

Sorry to hear they backed out, was looking forward to the results.
Look on the bright side, the gearing change would be a lot more to make than a set of new clutch plates would be to fit!
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