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Items Wanted / Rox Anti Vibration Risers - 2019 1200 XCA
« Last post by kavrick on Today at 10:14:00 pm »
Looking for a set of Rox Anti Vibration Risers for my 2019 XCA. Located in Canada but US shipping is fine too.

Lights showed up and everything looks great.Thank you.
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: OEM tyres
« Last post by Whippet on Today at 09:23:15 pm »
The OE tyres on the GT Pro have now got 8k miles and are pretty squared off from lots of touring.  I’m happy with them though and will fit Tourance Next 2’s in a few weeks time.
*Originally Posted by ijinak [+]
It was only on the 2012 models. I had a 2014-absolutely no problems
it was 2012 and some 2013 models, with a couple of owners of 2014 models reporting the problem.
thank you
I've sold my bike now - at 11,000 miles. I fitted Continental Trail Attack 3's at about 7,500.

For me, they were night and day better than the OEM Tourance tyres.
please let me know how you like those
It was only on the 2012 models. I had a 2014-absolutely no problems
*Originally Posted by 999nutta [+]
Apologies if this has been covered before but i can't find the answer in the search function.
I want to hard wire my zumo xt into a switched power supply.
My understanding is that the usb under the seat is a good one to use.
Is it just a case of splicing into the wires that connect into the usb socket?
Any pics would be really helpful. Thank yiy

It's not that hard:
Just about to fit Conti’s on mine
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