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Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: what screen have you got?
« Last post by kenw on Today at 12:46:57 AM »
I didn't notice a huge difference on fitting the winglets to my 2015 TEx.

Until I got the 2018 Tiger, I didn't realise just how good the Madstad screen was.  Better than the flash new screen on the Tiger 1200 XRT.
Less buffeting, and less turbulence on my body and arms, from the MadStad.

I can live with the 2018 screen, but I might see what I can do to improve it.  Its tempting to try fitting the Madstad screen to it!  The only thing that stops me, is the fact that a mate may be buying my 2015 TEx, so I want to leave the goodies on for him.
*Originally Posted by NiK [+]
Yes the '18 seem more paranoid about fuel shortage!
I'd rate it as a fault, NiK.  I prefer instruments that tell the truth (wish the speedo did too).
Once the fuel range counter gets to zero, it stops.  So it is less than helpful at that point.  On my old Yammie, I'd zero the trip meter when the fuel light came on, then I knew I had around 50km more.
All very well keeping 2 litres spare in the tank, but that's 10% of the range.  In Australia it can be a long way between servos.  I'd prefer to know the real situation.
Or more realistic, -do I need to fill up at the next servo I see, or can I make it to the cheaper one further along.
And now that the average usage figure shown has glitched on me once, I don't know how reliable that is either.
At the service yesterday, they said the engine had been 'remapped'.  I assume a software update to the ECU, so maybe that particular glitch is gone.  I'll be keeping my eye on it!
General Maintenance and Servicing / Re: Poorly Running TEX
« Last post by CaptainTrips on Today at 12:17:54 AM »
When was it last serviced?
Tyres and Wheels / Re: New rear tire time again
« Last post by Regi T on Yesterday at 11:46:02 PM »
Am considering these in the future too, thanks for your report Jon, about 300 dollars here in good old Australia  :002:

No cheap petrol here BigLee, it's around 160 cents per litre!!
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Mk3 test ride Not for me!
« Last post by markis42 on Yesterday at 11:20:16 PM »
I tried the mk2 but found myself thinking is it better?
General Maintenance and Servicing / Poorly Running TEX
« Last post by Sasnak on Yesterday at 11:19:50 PM »
For the last few weeks now my 2014 TEX with only 8,400 miles on it has been running very poorly, especially when first started. It idles rough and a definite gasoline smell coming from the exhaust (running rich??). Any ideas on what the problem could be? Thanks.
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Mk3 test ride Not for me!
« Last post by thumper on Yesterday at 11:13:13 PM »
Understandable.     When the Gen2 emerged, I determined it wasn't "enough" change for me to sell my Gen1, and take the financial plunge into payments again. 


p.s.--but the Gen3's features (many listed by you above) finally got me to jump.      :005:
Good question Theo, I have been asking the same now years on and Hepco Australia's distributor is non committal and Germany Hepco has not replied. I bought some of the Hepco bars but can not see how they will work with my oem lower bars - so useless to me I think. Is anyone more definitive?
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Mk3 test ride Not for me!
« Last post by markis42 on Yesterday at 11:03:55 PM »
Took my 2015 Xc for service today and had the chance of a ride on the 2018 Tiger 1200 xrt. Have to say after two hours over various roads I really cant see what all the fuss is about.
Plus points
Love the new dash. Ultra clear even in the brightest sun.
Bars closer to my body Better!
Clutchless gear changes
Minus points.
The heat from this bike is almost unbearable
The left hand switch gear is very poor indeed. Indicator switch in clear conflict with the screen toggle switch.
Lighter my arse! no difference at all
Arrow can that's far too quiet
Gear lever far too high and clunky too
Suspension ok but not much better than my Xc
The price
Did I mention the heat from the engine?
I can honestly say I prefer my Xc  Its NOT a perfect bike but its bloody close to being the best bike I have ever ridden and owned.
The price of the new bike is very very high and from my perspective not worth it at all.
I got on the mk3 expecting it to excite me but it simply did not.

New Members / Re: Newbie here
« Last post by Bridite on Yesterday at 09:57:08 PM »
Thank you guys for the welcome.  :821:
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