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Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Mk3 stranded!
« Last post by kenw on Today at 12:54:32 AM »
I've had one scary incident at a servo. After filling up, I couldn't start my T1200.  Wriggled all the wires around the handlebars, pushed the bike against the gears, played with clutch lever, put sidestand up and down a few times, swore a bit under my breath.  Then it started.  No idea what the problem was, or whether something I did helped.

The one other incident I've had was when at a Motel under a small phone tower.  Screen reported keyfob out of range.  I put it right next to the receiver.  Didn't help.  But the bike started OK, and once I was away from the tower it was happy.  (This is a known scenario.)

Good luck NiK.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Mk3 stranded!
« Last post by Deep6blue on Today at 12:39:25 AM »
Run/Stop switch on?
Are the battery bolts on tight?
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Mk3 stranded!
« Last post by XCaTel on Yesterday at 09:57:17 PM »
Best of luck Nik  :003:  I never really (for definite) found out what my starting issue was and I am hoping the return of the wet weather does not bring a repeat of my random failing to start faults. It has been faultless in that respect for the summer months. Hope you get sorted soon.
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Mk3 stranded!
« Last post by NiK on Yesterday at 08:33:04 PM »
Oh yes I forgot to mention: four days ago I successfully tapped the rear light to power up my topbox leds.
Can’t see how it would be related but...
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Mk3 stranded!
« Last post by NiK on Yesterday at 08:31:16 PM »
Soooo here I am, unable to start the bike!
The alarm (not Triumph’s) clicks underseat when I press the fob, but indicators do not flash.
When I press the starter, nothing happens. No screen, no light, not even a single relay click underseat.
All the fuses are good (visual check only).
The keyless key’s battery looks good (tried it off near the receiver anyway).
The main battery is good (tried succesfully my Airman on the front socket).

Based on XCATel’s testimony here in May, I think I’ll have to remove all the rear parts, then wiggle wires from the alarm and hope it’ll work.
If my bike is still where I left it tomorrow morning that is...

Any other idea someone?
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Are we doing enough
« Last post by Icy on Yesterday at 04:55:22 PM »
*Originally Posted by CaptainTrips [+]
BTW, turned over 44,444 kms yesterday.   :002:

 :821: :152: :062:
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: rox risers
« Last post by CaptainTrips on Yesterday at 04:51:29 PM »
*Originally Posted by bazthebike [+]
Sorry to cause confusion here, but I mean the top clamp bolts, 4 off, two are 25mm and two are 30mm. the original triumph bolts are 90mm and 30mm.(that fit first.
I don't recall mine being different lengths.
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Are we doing enough
« Last post by FredJ9 on Yesterday at 04:51:11 PM »
Thanks Captain, not many tell it like it is.
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Are we doing enough
« Last post by CaptainTrips on Yesterday at 04:41:48 PM »
For the record, I owned a '96 R1100R and it was the least reliable of any motorcycle that I have ever owned. I bought it for $4500, spent $4500 on setting it right including dealing with the infamous M94 gearbox popping out of 2nd gear issue, ABS fault on cold startup issue, failed paralever bearings etc. etc. In fairness, the bike had 40k miles on it when I bought it. I ultimately sold the bike for $4500. So, I am not disputing the reliability of BMW motorcycles. What I am disputing is that the popularity of BMW motorcycles is due to solely to media bias and blind brand loyalty.

BMW puts a great deal of effort into their customer communities. In North America, they support the Motorcycle Owners Association which helps coordinate and support local clubs, prints a glossy magazine and holds an annual national rally that is attended by thousands, as well as dozens of local rallies put on by local clubs throughout N. America. BMW also supports car and motorcycle clubs in Canada via their parent organization BMW Clubs Canada, which provides things like insurance for club events and rides. In addition, BMW supports major offroad events under the GS Trophy banner. Many people buy BMWs because they are buying into a very active motorcycling community.

If reliability was the only criteria for buying a motorcycle, then I would have bought another Honda and there would not be a TEX sitting in my garage as my only ride. BTW, turned over 44,444 kms yesterday.   :002:
"How To" Technical Articles / Re: Tomtom rider 500 help please
« Last post by XCaTel on Yesterday at 04:23:33 PM »
Assuming you mean the new 2018 Rider 500/550. Sign up for a free Tom Tom account if you havn't already got one and plan your route in Tom Tom MyDrive. Save the route you just planned in MyDrive and it will appear on your Sat Nav automatically. Your 500/550 must have a seperate SD card fitted to store your routes, cheap to buy and there is a spare SD card slot on the Sat nav. It doesn't have to be massive, a little 8GB or 16GB one will be fine. Your Sat Nav must also be connected to the internet to receive the route which is a one time setup at home/office/McDonalds/Starbucks. Next time you switch on the Sat Nav and it gets a wireless signal the route will automatically appear in your list in the Sat nav. As long as you can get a wireless login on the road any new routes you generate on a PC in your MyDrive account will be downloaded to the Sat Nav. Handy if you are planning routes on the go.

For super duper trip planning consider MyRouteApp (instead of the Tom Tom route planning), create your routes and save to your Tom Tom account, they will appear on the Sat Nav automatically the same way. You need GOLD membership in MyRoute-App for this functionality to work. This is trip planning with tracks. In MyRoute-App plan everything with the clearer google maps then switch to Tom Tom maps and send to your MyDrive Account. See little video here.

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