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fast idle and hold it there dont let it go and as you let the clutch out when you hear the revs/idle going down the clutch is just starting to engage hold it there
dont let it out dont pull it in

if you have your foot on the rear brake hard you then should be able to slowly release the brake and the bike will be able to move off
your then controlling the bike speed with the rear brake not the throttle or the clutch
use the brake on and off to control it

does take a bit/lot of practicing but we do it all the time and a lot of those vids you may see use the same principal to slow riding /maneuvering

dont use the front brake as if your maneuvering or the bars are not straight it will probably fall over if you touch/use them

so back to the 1st post
if im in traffic or coming to lights i do the friction point - rear brake ride slow if i can saving the need to stop completely

but each to there own

does help when doing off roading as well if you need to do some weaving around obstacles or any tricky areas and it requires the slow approach

does that maybe help answer or confuse lol

I'v had T12 as my birthday present from the wife, trying to work out how to explain that it needs a new exhaust, engine bars, radiator cover.  :164:

Oh and also could do with some new boots.  :034:
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: 2018 1200 xrt starting issue
« Last post by Pailton on Today at 02:17:10 AM »
I have had my XRX for 6 days and I would say it has happened to me on 4 separate occasions so far in 400 miles, it's always started after several attempts though. I shall report it to my dealer next week when it's in for it's 500 mile service.  :013:
*Originally Posted by dunc [+]
slow riding - maneuvering

foot hard on the rear brake
get your fast idle with the throttle
find the friction point of your clutch and then hold it there
then release the rear brake to control the speed of the bike for slow riding

not the throttle or clutch

i teach it every day
riding instructor

So when you say you find the friction point of the clutch are you fully engaging the clutch or allowing it to slip when you overpower it with the rear brake?
Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Engine Heat '17 XRx
« Last post by IronArse on Yesterday at 11:09:05 PM »
*Originally Posted by Foxes [+]
At this stage i am looking at the Power commander, which will re-tune the engine to run richer and smoother. But what i can see, there is oniy a Power commander available for Gen 1 bike's, calling a guy today to see what is available and if this unit will suit the Gen2.

Yep that's one option to help with it apparently. Good stuff, could you let us know here if you get it for the Gen 2!? 

Tiger Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Fun with Kydex
« Last post by Chaz on Yesterday at 09:46:03 PM »
Could use stuff like CT1 when that sets it would not come off.
My Tex is always connected to an Optimate when not being used a habit I got into with my previous bike a BMW R1100S. I had that bike from it being 2 years old until I sold it when it was 14 years old. The original battery finally died on a trip to Ireland a few months before I changed to the TEX.

13 and a bit years sort of has me convinced keeping the battery properly conditioned is a good thing. 
*Originally Posted by FellZebra [+]
They're clearly very good batteries then, my Sept 2012 Tex is still on it's original battery.
Gets hooked up to trickle charger when not being ridden.
Last year I sold my wife's '09 650 V-strom. Same OEM battery brand as my TEX. Bike was seldom ridden in its last couple of years. No issues after 8 years of neglect. Even left the daft tail/parking light on overnight when the bike was parked up in a motel lot (it froze overnight). The battery was dead in the morning but the bike started right up with a jump. Rode the bike for the next three days on a trip and it was fine -- no charger. That was about 5 years before we sold the bike.
They're clearly very good batteries then, my Sept 2012 Tex is still on it's original battery.
Gets hooked up to trickle charger when not being ridden.
Mine is a late 2013 model and still on the original battery. I'd never had any issues with it and until this winter it had never been on a charger, however when I fitted heated seats a few months back they weren't registering/heating up.

I was about to take it to the dealer but someone suggested battery power so I put it on an Optimate for 24hrs and 'hey-presto' the seats worked! The bike now stays on the Optimate when it's not being used and the battery is fine.  :018:
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