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New Members / Re: New Member, Braapy, from Eastern WashingtonH
« Last post by KenW on Today at 05:54:22 pm »
With a Tiger 800, are you in the right forum, Braapy?
Just had my screen replaced today. 1 hour to do the work (might have been quicker but it was the first one they've done) and 2 hours to install all the software updates  :180:

Still, a properly working dash is nice.
New Members / Re: New member
« Last post by KenW on Today at 05:52:16 pm »
Welcome to the forum from Oz, Oddball.

Now tell us why you went back from a 900 to 1200.
Tiger 1200 Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Am I Nuts?
« Last post by KenW on Today at 05:49:56 pm »
No Digbee, you ain't nuts.

I have the same problem with the missus finding it hard to get on and off.
Hoping to improve things, I lowered my XRt 40mm with the Lust kit.  (I'm stuck with a constant TSAS fault, but it doesn't matter.)
The bike feels better.  More sure of myself when having to put my feet down.
Dunno if it corners easier, but I feel 'one' with the bike on spirited rides.

I did think of going to a lower smaller bike, maybe the Tiger 900.  But I feel so good on my XRt that I have shelved that idea.
A front-end collision with a car recently hasn't put me off.  (Bike fared surprisingly well.)
A Ulysses Club AGM trip to Mandurah is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Will put a few more kkm on the bike (solo).
Thinking of trying carrying a folding stool for the missus to get on & off.  Just have to work out how to stow it.
I just see it as a game you and the insurance companies play.
They try to trick you into paying more by relying on the renewal price and you get a lower price by phoning them and threatening to leave.

You both know what the other is doing but we play the game every year.
New Members / New Member
« Last post by Telbenj on Today at 05:28:40 pm »
Hi All

my name is Terry and have been a keen biker for 54 years since catching the bug at 16 I did several years riding moto x as well as many road bikes. I have had 3 BMW GS which got me into the adventure bikes but switched to my Triumph Tiger which I brought new in 2021 its just had its first MOT and looking forwards to some trips away again in the coming summer
now that my bike is out of warranty I shall be doing my own servicing.

look forwards to some of the hints and tips and hopefully I am able to provide some help too

cheers Terry
New Members / New member
« Last post by Oddball on Today at 04:48:26 pm »
Hi - I am a long time Triumph biker.
I have had I
Triumph 955 Sprint ST
Triumph Explorer 1200
Triumph Rocket 2500
Triumph Tiger 900
Triumph Tiger 1200 - Now!

Like to bike in smaller groups 2-6 bike.

My best / Oddball
New Members / Re: New Member, Braapy, from Eastern WashingtonH
« Last post by Jon on Today at 03:40:21 pm »
A warm :400: from SW Iowa, Braapy!
Tiger 1200 Explorer - General Discussion / Re: Am I Nuts?
« Last post by Jon on Today at 03:37:03 pm »
Only your wife knows for sure... :745:
Tiger 1200 Explorer - General Discussion / Am I Nuts?
« Last post by Digbee on Today at 03:31:42 pm »
Well hello Tiger Owners. I'm back after a long absence.
So pour yourself a drink, take a seat and I'll explain why. (Or just move on and ignore this)

When I last posted on this forum I was the proud owner of a 2018 Tiger 1200 XRx. I loved that bike and rode it as often as was possible. But (there has to be a but doesn't there.) Mrs Digbee was beginning to have knee trouble and that was making things difficult when clambering aboard the pillion seat. Although she wasn't complaining it was becoming obvious that she was suffering in silence. Well this resulted in us not travelling on 2 wheels as much as I would like, so I started looking for a solution.  Well I dismissed all ideas of a hoist and started looking at different bikes. I couldn't bring myself to look at some of the scooters that are available these days, although they have some good features, they don't seem to have that 'something different' I was looking for.

Long story short, I test rode a Bonneville T100 and was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was on the backroads and twisties. So I bit the bullet and sold my 1200 XRt. That was one of the most difficult sales I have ever had to make. I think I sort of justified the sale by the fact that as I'm getting older (For me to know and for you to guess) two up plus luggage on the Tiger is not something you do lightly without paying due regard to the weight issue, which to be fair is only there at low speeds and when manoeuvring the bike in car parks especially on uneven ground.
Well 18 months or so later I found myself really missing my Tiger. The Bonneville is a great bike but there are times when on dual carriageways etc that you want to crack on and I was finding the Bonny hard work. Also the suspension on the Bonny is nowhere near as effective as the Tiger's. So, what to do now?

Unfortunately at this point fate took a hand when a very good friend of mine unexpectedly passed away at the end of January. He had been thinking about changing his bike, but fate had other plans for him. These events seem to becoming more frequent and every time I find myself reassessing life's options. So, with that in mind I cornered Mrs Digbee and spelt out my plan in order to test the reaction.

Well I'm pleased to say that bless her, she agreed and said "Go on do it."

So here is what I'm planning to do.

After searching the options and checking several local dealers, I've decided that I'm going back to a Tiger 1200 again but this time to a factory low version. I've managed to locate a 1200XRx LRH at a local bike dealer not new but in very good condition. I hope to part ex the Bonny and, subject to a test ride will hopefully be back as a proud Tiger owner again soon.

The only thing that's holding things up for the moment is the persistant rain preventing the test ride.

So, what do you all think? Am I nuts to be changing my mind again and do I care?
Watch this space,

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