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New Members / New member Bjorn_OW
« Last post by Bjorn_OW on February 06, 2023, 10:09:49 pm »
Hello, Tiger World!

I'm a Norwegian "ADV"-rider. ADV being in quotation marks as my bike is used way more for the daily commute and tarmac touring than actual wilderness ADVentures. The laws on motoring in the wilderness are strict here in Norway, we better not stray off the beaten path! Also, the Tiger 1200 GT Pro really is a bit on the heavy side for true ADV'ing. Sporting tubeless radials with cast wheels and a 19" front wheel the GT Pro really doesn't cut it when ADV'ing gets single-track tough. But still, the 1200 GT Pro is good for dry, maintained gravel, dirt- and fire roads. Just turn off the traction control, the ABS and off you go! :164:

Current ride now when joining the Tiger society is a my2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro, chassis PV01. I'll probably abbreviate it to TT1200 GT Pro / TT1200 PV01 as necessary when posting on the forum. My TT1200 PV01 goes by the nickname Black Beauty, aka "Silkesvarten" in Norwegian. I'd really like it to be either White or Blue, but given the immense shortage of these bikes in Norway in 2022, I was given the same choice as Henry Ford gave on the model T. I could have any colour I wanted as long as i chose Black. Hence, Black Beauty/Silkesvarten is my current ride for the time being.

ADV-style bikes have been my preferred ride in later years. Given the fact that the upright riding position, bla, bla, bla, I also have come to my senses and went the ADV style route. I started riding large displacement bikes in the early 90's. My first bike being the legendary Suzuki EF1100GS, a large displacement bike that sported a proven, close to bullet proof carburated engine. As my bike today is used for daily commute whenever I have the opportunity, I prefer a bike that has a good power and torque to weight ratio. Much of my daily commute is along major highways in southern Norway. Touring, twistie- and ADV-riding is mostly done on spare time, week ends and for vacations. With the experience of ownership to a my2012 Tiger 800, my plan was to get a new Tiger 900 to replace it. A German 1200 sized competitor came in the way of that plan and me being a sucker for torque and power, I fell a victim to the rides from Berlin. Come fall 2021, Triumph presented the much awaited next iteration of the large displacement Tiger. But I didn't know until late spring 2022 that one of the new Tiger 1200 GT Pro's should be my next ride. Test rides at dealerships has often just one outcome. Don't go there "just to have a look, see" carrying a helmet and riding gear! Ever!  :001:

Black Beaty / Silkesvarten posing along a typical Norwegian gravel road. Me doing some light ADV riding there.  :467:
Lower crash bars A9780106 and larger sump guard A9701408 are Triumph OEM and fitted by the owner, these parts are not standard for the 1200 GT Pro.
For light ADV traction the tires have been changed for Continental ones, TKC 70 front and TKC 70 Rocks rear.

Yesterday I had the left side panels off the GTex and noticed to hoses connected to the upper left side of the tank.  One of the hoses (the most rearward) had a small white dot on it and was routed down and towards the back of the tank (I couldn't locate the other end).  Is this the vent line for the tank?  If so, this might be a good location to tap in an aux tank.

Again, this is one the left side of the bike (as when the rider is sitting on the bike) and is under the side panels located at the front upper side of the tank.
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Likes and Dislikes From Owners
« Last post by jjscsix on February 06, 2023, 09:59:12 pm »
*Originally Posted by bwmoto [+]
Honestly I’ve just gotten used to the Aux light switch being the more inboard button by the mirror so that’s just where my hand usually goes. As it is one of my gripes that the aux lights don’t remain on after toggling from high to low beam, I turn them on a lot I suppose.

I forgot to add that it is also one of my bitches.  That and everytime you stop you have to turn heated seat and grips back on.  Some bikes automatically stay on for a certain period of time.
   ^ I did the same. It is working great.
Sadly I don't have the explorer anymore. So if anyone wants any of the following bits, please message me and I will get a price for posting. Or you can collect from Stockport.

Allballs fork seals, new, unopened.

Triumph centre stand rubber stop new, unopened

Triumph fork cap, one only, new and unopened.

Also I have a copy of Mark's service manual, not pictured, which has been perused but is in great condition.

I tapped into the aux power port back under the pillion seat.  Active only with key on.
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Likes and Dislikes From Owners
« Last post by tdragger on February 06, 2023, 09:20:53 pm »
The "aux" lights are designed to function as fog lights, thus the low and wide beam pattern. They are not intended to be spots and throw light far ahead.  My issue with them is that they are white and reflect the fog. An amber or hi-viz yellow will cut through the fog.  Once the CANbus controllers are available, I will be installing Denali D3 Fogs in place of the OEM fogs.
*Originally Posted by tdragger [+]
Found a nice location for the PDM on my Gen 4 GTex.  There's a perfect spot under the pillion seat and under the phone holder.

I went with the Rowe Electronics AMPlink module as it was the most compact size and doesn't use traditional fuses.  The internal circuit breakers are programmable via a bluetooth connection to your phone.


It allows the wiring to pass under the support bar for easy connectivity.  I tapped into the rear power socket for the switched circuit.


Initial plans are to power my GPS and heated gear.  I'll add aux lighting when the CANbus controllers become available in the spring.

*Originally Posted by jjscsix [+]
I have the PDM 60 installed on mine.  It fits and works great.  I’m running the following off it…

Gerbing panel mount heat controller
Garmin LM595
Radar Detector

I plan to add Denali driving lights.

@tdragger and @jjscsix; have you guys found a good way to tap off the ignition signal? I see from the TT1200 PV01 wiring diagrams that the ignition signal should be available at the alarm connector under the pillion seat. I'm considering installation of a PDM like the Innovv Power Hub 3 or the Denali PowerHub2. The Amplink might be a good alternative as well. Planning for installation I'd like to go for the easiest and most non-intrusive way to get to the ignition signal.  :002:
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Gen 4 Screen Deflector Options
« Last post by Bjorn_OW on February 06, 2023, 08:51:09 pm »
*Originally Posted by wassers [+]
Triumph are having a laugh asking £141 for their gen 4 screen deflector  :005:

Has anyone tried any alternatives and can vouch for their effectiveness and quality? If so, please share a link.

I can actually vouch for the Triumph deflector fitted on top of the original Triumph wind shield for taller riders. Yet, the GIVI (non-bike specified) counterpart is almost identical and cheaper.  The GIVI one is probably easier to attach, detach and adjust when fitted, as the Triumph deflector has a thumb screw with a central hex tool groove. The Triumph deflector along with the GIVI counter part was the only means readily available to make a taller screen in May 2022. Being 189 cm tall (6'2"), the original wind screen gives me a lot of turbulence and buffeting on top of my helmet. These little add-on screens takes almost all nuisance away and they really are effective. I've ordered the taller GIVI D6422ST replacement windshield for the 2023 season as it has become available for order now and I'm waiting for it to arrive. If the taller windshield doesn't cut it for me, I guess going lower is a solution worth trying.  :002:
Tiger 1200 - General Discussion (Gen 4 - 2022 on) / Re: Gen 4 Specific Topics?
« Last post by Bjorn_OW on February 06, 2023, 08:29:01 pm »
Yes, forum admins! Please create those tech topic sub divisions to the TT1200 PV01 / gen 4 forum! Would be highly appreciated!  :467:

*Originally Posted by Tiger T.O. [+]
That would be for the revised and improved Gen4 with a 120 degree crankshaft plus single sided swingarm  :007: :467:

...and for this part, I presume the deleted single sided swingarm saves valuable weight. Even though I've enjoyed the functionality of it on a Bavarian ride. I'll be surprised if Triumph reverts on this design choice. But I totally agree on the 120 degree crankshaft, yet the 1160 would miss torque if the cross plane crank is taken away. Unless Triumph would give us a Tiger 1200 RS with the current Speed Triple RS engine at 180 hp and 150 Nm torque in order to beat some Austrian guys...  :002:
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