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Title: Storm Chaser
Post by: mcchoc on February 12, 2020, 10:27:58 AM
Last weekend, I found myself having to ride around 30 miles cross country, in the cold and dark and in the teeth of storm Ciara. 

I could not wish to have been on a better bike than the Tiger.  Buffeted by savage cross-winds and ploughing through patches of flood water up to six inches deep, including a river bridge where the river had partly flooded over the road, the bike was so stable and tracked so true that I was completely relaxed in the seat.  I was almost disappointed that I didn't come across any fallen trees to make things a bit more demanding.

I didn't even bother changing from Road mode, as the throttle is so sensitive to use, and I left the screen in the lowest position, which allowed the wind-rush to clear my visor, which was still left partly open to prevent misting.  That cockpit is such a comforting place to be, and the headlights are superb  - though I seemed to get a glittering 'strobe' effect as the rain lashed down ahead.

Still running in the bike and at 360 miles, can now use 6K rpm.  I reckon the gearing in top is around 17 mph per 1,000 rpm, so 102 mph is plenty for now.

At this rate, I may find that I never fire up the K1300S again - I am so impressed with the Tiger.
Title: Re: Storm Chaser
Post by: XCaTel on February 12, 2020, 04:08:42 PM
Yes, it's absolutely brilliant in foul weather and handles the wind very well, one positive of the weight!
Title: Re: Storm Chaser
Post by: mcchoc on March 11, 2020, 09:25:28 AM
Just had the 500 mile service at A1 Moto in York, where I cashed in the voucher I got when I bought the bike for a very good free brunch.

Cost was £64.00 - they told me that labour was free and the cost was purely for the oils and filter, including changing final drive oil. 

When I kept my intended 'trade-in' K1300S, my friend warned me that I'd probably find that the Tiger satisfied all my biking needs and that the K1300S Motorsport would become redundant.  He may be right. I love the Tiger and even enjoy cleaning it - riding it never fails to put a big smile on my fizzog.

I rode the K yesterday and it thrilled as it always does, but I found myself travelling at warp factor 3 speeds just to hear the howl from the Akrapovic - not sustainable behaviour in this day and age.  So I guess I may be tempted to let her go - do let me know if any of you Triumph guys might want to own a 2016  11,000 mile K1300S Motorsport, with the notorious clutch and 'hot start' issues totally sorted under BMW dealer warranty at Bowkers.  Would suit someone who lives in a very remote part of the Kingdom, or owns a private track.
Title: Re: Storm Chaser
Post by: Hax on March 11, 2020, 09:41:08 AM
Yea, don't miss my old sports type bikes at all. Cross country pace and comfort wins every time.
Been out many times and caught up with leather knee slider hero's who get upset there's a trailie in their mirrors  :164:
Title: Re: Storm Chaser
Post by: pcarnut on March 13, 2020, 11:36:31 PM
Went for a ride last week and had some 30-40 mph crosswinds, bike was secure and stable.  When I bought my first 1200 in 2017 I had an FJR1300 that I was thinking about keeping.  Two months in it went up for sale.  Although I miss the looks and power of the FJR, the Tiger is just more comfortable, more nimble and has plenty of power.